Sunday, September 29, 2013

Millcreek Canyon

Ave and I went to take pictures for fall at Millcreek Canyon today. It was very fun but we kept getting interrupted by hikers and all the dogs. Fall is my favorite season and we wanted to see if we could take good pictures by ourselves. (with the help of a tri-pod of course). It was a fun activity and I think they turned out pretty good! Chewie finally fits into his coat. He is the most adorable thing ever. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


These babies were the cutest things ever! I had so much fun taking pictures of them! This was the first time I had attempted to take baby pictures... and it definitely was a learning experience. I need tons more practice for sure... but it's so fun! My shutter speed was too low, and with all that was going on, I didn't realize it. So, I only got a couple good shots but they are too cute not to show off! 
So here is Milo and Dez!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Great Salt Lake- or thereabouts.

Just the lake and some randoms. Enjoy :)

Jensen- My sweet, little bro.

Jensen was nice enough to come on an adventure scouting for area's at the Great Salt Lake. Turns out, we took the wrong freeway, got lost, and ended up taking these past Grantsville. But hey, they still turned out pretty good. I love my brother and how game he is to come and model for me. I realized I have no idea how to pose males, and that I probably should look at some references before my next male model :) P.S. LADIES- he's single.